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“BOSS” 5,000mAh Aluminum Power Bank


"BOSS" Aluminum Power Bank 
Never Has Slim And Stylish Been So Solid

With a slimline anodised aluminum body, the “BOSS” power bank amounts to a power socket in your pocket. This charger matches looks that means business with a high performing battery. It successfully brings together great design, ideal size, texture, convenience and performance into one well balanced affordable package.


Material matters.

We know the "BOSS" are used side by side with the world's most popular smartphones. With this in mind, our anodised aluminum textures are crafted to match and complement the device in your hand.

Sophisticated shades.

Performance to match your lifestyle, colors to match your devices. The selection of conservative subdued metallic hues lends the "BOSS" a professional appearance at equally home out and about or at the office.

Lean clean lines.

The "BOSS" is designed with such a low weight, low profile form factor that you will forget you're carrying it, that is until you require more from your phone.

Awake in two shakes.

With its signature “shake to wake” ability, keeping track of your charger’s charge couldn’t be easier. Simply shake the "BOSS" to activate the 4 LED indicator lights, and you will be able to tell at a glance when it needs charging.


A powerful heart inside.

Don't be fooled by its ultra-thin size – the "Boss" power bank still packs a punch. Holding a 5,000mAh lithium-polymer battery cell, "Boss" will keep your phone on all the time, and will never have to worry about missing an important call or message again.


Utilise every last drop of charge.

The "BOSS" also charges more effectively than most power banks, up to 90% of battery cell capacity goes directly to your devices. It means that you can utilise every last drop of charge.

A better peace of mind.

The "BOSS" power bank is strengthened by 6 layers of circuit chipset protection. In most extreme circumstances, it is smart enough to save your devices, and itself.

milkr power bank ihave MAX Temperature Resistance

Temperature Resistance

Heat-sensitive and temperature control mechanisms ensure battery cell operate within a safe range.

milkr power bank ihave MAX Input Overvoltage Protection

Input Overvoltage Protection

An OVP circuit prevents voltage surges from damaging the power bank.

milkr power bank ihave MAX Output Overvoltage Protection

Output Overvoltage Protection

Automatically monitors output voltage to protect the device and shuts off when voltage exceeds the maximum limit.

milkr power bank ihave MAX Protection from Short Circuit

Protection from Short Circuit

Instinctively protects of the motherboard and battery cell if shot circuit occurs.

milkr power bank ihave MAX Protection from Overcharge and Over-discharge

Protection from Overcharge and Over-discharge

The latest technology is used to prevent overcharging and over-discharging from damaging the battery cell.

Protection from Output Overcurrent

Automatically monitors output current to protect the device and shuts off when current exceeds the maximum limit.

Go the distance.

Thanks to its lithium-polymer battery cell, your “BOSS” power bank will still retain up to 80 per cent of its original capacity after 500 full cycles of charging and discharging. That’s after 3,500 charges on an average smart phone!

Live in the fast lane.

Maximum 2.4 A output current would reduce 33% charging time.

milkr power bank ihave MAX The beauty of universality

The beauty of universality.

The “BOSS” has an advanced smart detect system that will automatically detect the best power output for your device, from 500mA to 2.4A. This means that your phone or tablet will charge effectively, and will be protected from damage.

Inside & Out

  • Length: 117 mm
  • Width: 64 mm
  • Height: 8.7 mm

Battery material
  • Lithium polymer battery cell

Battery capacity
  • 5,000 mAh

Conversion rate
  • 90%

Battery lifetime
  • 500 full charge-discharge cycles

  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Output: Dual USB, 5V/0.5~2.4A(maximum)

Colours available
  • Space Grey
  • Gold
  • Silver

Compatible devices
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod series
  • Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony etc
  • Other tablets and mobile devices

Package included
  • 1 x "BOSS" power bank
  • 1 x USB to micro USB cable
  • 1 x English user Manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

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